(17:00-18:30 with any food purchase)

Any Cocktail £6

Sapporo Beer £4

Sauvignon Blanc £19/ Bottle


Lunch Set Menu £19 per person

Choose 2 of the following 

Shitake Rice Balls

Beam Sprout Salad

Spinach and Sesame Salad

Cucumber Tataki

Baby Squid 

Crispy Chicken Wings

Japanese Cep Tempura

Titu Kimchi

Pop Corn Chicken

Choose 1 of the Following (4 Pcs each)

Chicken + Foie Gras Gyoza

Vegetable Gyoza

Miso Kimchi Lamb Gyoza

Spicy Prawn Gyoza 

Choose 1 of the following Dessert

Matcha Brulee

Ice-cream Mochi selection (2 Flavours)

Chocolate fondant (4.50 Supplement) 

Monday - Friday 12pm-3pm